My Skills

As a photographer it's very difficult for me to discriminate different genres as they all are related in some way, i.e. MOMENT

Those who love to capture the events , to them it's a big opportunity as Indian wedding is a pallet of vibrant colors & lots of ritualistic events. As earlier people interaction was an important part of my job role ,I like to interact with people & can mix with them easily which allows me to capture the candid moments. Our purpose is to Make your small moments to your Precious Memories.
On street nothing is staged or recreated. Street holds the actual picture of a lifestyle of the place. When the hometown is Kolkata , no photographer can deny that street doesn't attract them.
Besides photography I am a Travel Blogger though I hardly get time to write regularly. Photography is an extra excuse to travel more & more. My passion is documenting life, it might be during events or in regular life. Regardless of where we are living we all have the same cycle & same need of life, only what differs due to the natural climatic, topological & economical condition. I wish to travel as much as I can during my lifetime.
The soul of photography is moment which narrates a story behind. It demonstrates the daily life mirrored around. Photographically what makes me amazed that different body color & face structure hold different stories of their life & society & cultural celebrations is their way to celebrate life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which Camera & lenses do you use?

    I have my own one DX & one FX body with 24-70,f2.8, 17-40,f4, 70-200,f4 & the brand I use is Canon.

  • Can I get RAW files of the photos you captured?

    Yes, we do provide all the RAW files to the client.

  • Do you only work in Kolkata?

    Depending on the availability we are ready to work in any region but if not in Kolkata you have to contact us in well advance with the full details.

  • Will you be available for both the side?


  • How can I book?

    You have to contact us through ph, emails (or you can also use the website contact page) etc in well advance (approx few months before, sometimes we got booking before8-9months) with the whole details of date, venue and if you have any special requirement.

  • What is the payment procedure?

    You have to pay 50% as advance while booking the dates. Once you have made the payment we will confirm you. You can make the payment in cash, bank transfer, NEFT etc.

  • What is your style of photography? Will you ask to pose every time?

    I am a candid wedding photographer and we love to document your love story. Generally we do not ask you to pose but capture the moments as it comes. Candid photography is fun when you look at it after a certain period, it holds the flavors of that moment. But sometimes when with the relatives & friends we ask you to pose for a group photo & when you wish to pose something from your own we will cater that request also. Don�t worry you will be in the comfort zone always.